It is no secret that the Greater Toronto Area's Real Estate market has grown rapidly through 2015 and it seems that the market will not be letting down. With our knowledge and experience in the Toronto real estate market, the Rad Team is very excited to be able to participate with local banks providing customers with insight into the market.

Our approach to real estate is always to connect with those actually buying and wanting to build their homes. The local banks will help us reach community members of several of Toronto’s neighbourhoods this year by. All we ask, is have a coffee with us… Let us help you make informed decisions in real estate, just with some friendly advice.

We’re connecting with our neighbours, and trying looking to create real and positive change in each community we visit with sound knowledge and market analysis for you. 

Let’s get to know eachother more. Come by and sit with us, or grab a cup and start your day right. Anyway we can help!